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Here is a copy of the latest email n Tweets that I've put on Twitter its self explanitory, some of the others have been todo with dementia patients and the GP's and psychotic drugs and the manslaughter of said patients because that is what it amounts to. Not that the police will be holding an investigation and bringing any manslaughter charges against any member of the BMA eh Crazydave. Oh no!

Its tough kaka eh Dr. Brian Gibbon, you know if these politicians were not so up their bums regarding Cannabis they might even do some trials with willing patients, that doesn't blast them to bits like the BMA's psychotic drugs, heck they might find that in their food and drinks it might even alliviate some of their symptoms, but would the likes of Edwina Hart or Jane Hutt ever sanction such trials? Oh you have got to be kidding me Crazydave!]

Well here is a copy of the email and the few receivers so far, wonder if Jason will toe the BBC line after he reads them, wonder what the hell ever happened to Richard Evans Crazydave the last presenter of that BBC Radio Wales Phone in Show??? cos he aided n abetted the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff County Council in their letting out of Sub-standard Housing never holding any of the leadership to account neither Rhodri Frigging Morgan either.

Whose gonna win the First Ministers Job Crazydave, well from my point of view all of them ought to be facing criminal charges i.e. unable to participate in such an election, but seeing as Chief Constable Barbara Wilding is in cahoots with them I'd say the Female vote will give it to Edwina.

Heres the email:

Hi Everyone

I thought I would show you my latest Tweets on Twitter, thats after hearing all the BS on the BBC about 'Free to air television' and more sporting events. Why the Trading Standards or the Advertising Standards people don't jump down their throats over such misleading statement baffles me.

There is no free to air television in the UK we all have to pay the BBC monopoly first. I wonder if only me gets a tad annoyed with their flagrant misuse of language like this.

But I betcha nobody at the Echo Western Mail will pull them up over it. I ought to add to the Tweets Vulnerable Adults in general and Crazydave in particular. Given that sweet FA is still being done about CCC and its sub-standard housing.

Oh to be able to afford to employ a solicitor to act on my behalf, eh Judge Hickinbottom. All the Best Crazydave

jason mohammed bbc radio wales phone in aids n abets cardiff county council in the criminal negligence of vulnerable adults

jason mohammed bbc radio wales phone in aids n abets the welsh assembly in the criminal negligence of vulnerable adults

radiowales (; mediawales (;

Well that was the email the Tweets are on my iamcrazydave twitter account and running for the next few days at various times. Funny what being superstitious will bring Eh Jason? yep Crazydave! Glad that I ain't, I blew ever one that I ever heard away growing up.

Now all together everyone 'The BBC is a Monopoly, and Monopolies are bad, the BBC is a Monolpoly one of the worse the uk ever had' Suitable pics will be added as and when to this blog, one of them will be the Hypocrits pic of Rhodri Morgan and Rodney Berman laying wreaths on Armastice Sunday from the South Wales Echo. Eh fellas thats true as far as your treatment of me is concerned now isn't it.

Oh yes, and if these psychotic drugs are prematurely killing dementia patients what are they doing to those with mental health issues????


I had the stuff the Ombudsman didn't put into the reply over the weekend, I've scan read it Mr. Tyndall and as for the Housing Office not knowing about complaints of harassment, how is it that they sent me out 2 neighbour nuisance handbooks, between 2002 and 2004. You might ask Mr. Gaughan what was Mr. fowlers complaint against me, and video evidence cos like the reference to the 2009 unsupported evidence in the appendix b neighbourhood renewal clap trap??? Or the videos relating to the washing machine, sent to the leader of the council.

When I have the time, I might fish out some of those emails sent to them just to prove the point. Well time to send this to the Usual Suspects everybody but I guess they will make pretend likew none of this exists Eh Mr. Tyndall.

Crazydave over n out.


Here is todays email to the Usual Suspects maybe I ought to list their email address again so everyone knows who they are???


Hi Mr. Tyndall, Prime Minister, Everybody

Cardiff County Council have made out in their documentation that they remained blisssfully unaware of any harassment or any other issues really relating to complaints made by me and the tenancy I reside at, and Mr. Tyndall cos he appears to be as prejudiced as Mr. Rogers with respect to investigating my claims believes them.

I did ask in the last email how come then I have received 2 nuisance neighbour booklets, between 2002 and 2004? so far no reply, but thats only to be expected given their modus operandi eh Crazydave? Yep!

So today Mr. Tyndall here is a copy of the URL that will take you to the Tenant Satisfaction Survey video added to youtube on the 7th Aug 2007, the result of my handing that in at County Hall was a letter back saying your comments had been noted.

I think you ought to look at the video Mr. Tyndall, and what is written on the Survey by me, and maybe you wanna go back through the blogs that I have posted on blogger prior to this form being uploaded and see what was written on them, then maybe you will conclude with me and not the Council and decide 'Yes Crazydave you have been a victim of sustained neglect leading to that of Criminal Negligence' after all member of the ruling party in Cardiff County Council received copies of the video URL as did Cabinet Members of the Welsh Assembly Government, members of the House of Lords and the media in other words uncle tom cobbley n all, and to what result zero zip nada, just as bringing all this to the attention of your office has lead to the very same.

Now maybe someone might just do a thorough investigation on my behalf, and hold to account those responsible for creation and its continuation, for way way way to long.

By the way I note that alot of the Appendix be stated copies of documents even dealing with emails from me and passed on were marked 'documents not to be disclosed to Mr. Gabriel' I wonder if you would overide that Mr. Tyndall and force the Council to provide me with all copies of that so marked. Mr. Prime Minister I hold you and members of your office duly pro-active in the continued Criminal Negligence of both myslelf and other vulnerable adults in the UK as I do with David Cameron because I have never heard him question you over these matters, and as I do with Baroness Royall

Yours as ever Crazydave

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This is a copy of the lead into my image update to the Usual Suspects via email, I like to give them an intro to the latest blog or update, but occassionally I don't bother cos they ignore them:

Hi Everybody

I thought I would send you all the updated image on my blog, I think its fair, after Peter Hain's office has been made aware of my blogs for long enough. As has Mr. Berman and Mr. Morgan. I wonder if there will ever be a probe. Todays question is what role has the parliamentary comissioner of standards with respect to the MP's expenses scandal, and how is it that ex-speaker Mr. Martin has never been sued for wasting public money for trying to hide the truth from the people??? Seems to me Chief Constable that amounts to attempting to pervert the course of justice. But oh Crazydave all he has to do is say sorry and its all OK???

My next blog will do with joined up thinking, and making use of human poo. All the Best Crazydave



Hey I've just discovered how to embed videos to blogger, and its amazing! So the future of my blogs will be changed. Nice technology.

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